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Getting help for your addiction is quite possibly one of the most courageous things that you could ever do. Once you have made the decision to check into one of the many drug or addiction treatment centres that are located in your city or town you can begin the process of choosing the most suitable addiction recovery facility that will best serve your needs, both in terms of specific treatments for your specific type of addiction and your budget or medical aid scheme.

There are many different types of addiction treatment centres currently available and many of these treatment centres actually specialize in a very specific area of addiction therapy. You might be surprised at just how many different forms of addiction there are and how many addition treatment centres there are to treat them all.

The most common forms of addiction and corresponding addiction therapy include alcohol and gambling addictions and treatments, drug addictions and treatments and other forms of addiction and corresponding treatments that may be less well known such as shopping addictions, food addictions and even technology addictions.

While some of these more obscure or less well – known addictions may seem somewhat amusing on the surface, the fact of the matter is that all addictions, regardless of their nature, are in fact classified as a disease and therefore are subject to medically based attention and importance. Addiction treatment centres today are extremely sophisticated and well – equipped and prepared to deal with any level of addiction.

There are three main stages or phases that all addiction treatment centres follow, the primary phase, the secondary phase and the tertiary phase. These three distinct and different phases are all designed to help the addict have the very best possible chance of breaking the addiction cycle and finding the road to recovery.

The primary phase of addiction therapy is generally known as the detox phase, this is obviously most applicable to substance and alcohol addictions where the chemical structure of the brain and the body have been drastically altered by the chemical substances found inn drugs and alcohol.

The secondary phase is usually the most intensive as this phase is characterized by intense personal therapy sessions, group sessions and the metal and psychological rehabilitation of the addict. The addict confronts issues that led to their addiction and also learns the skills needed to deal with a life after addiction therapy. The third phase is also called the out – patient phase and is designed to support the addict after they have left the rehab centre. For more information about Treatment Centres go to

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